portrait peter jacoby
“As a conductor and musician, he ranks with many of the major maestros I have worked with.” —John Corigliano, Composer—The Ghosts of Versailles    ...more

“His sense of theatre, combined with the force of his musical intelligence, raises the level of standard musical fare to thrilling, thought provoking drama.” —Stuart Ostrow, Broadway Producer    ...more

“Not very often does a young orchestra and cast outshine a very professional ensemble, but yours surely did.” —Dominick Argento, Composer—Casanova’s Homecoming    ...more

“...the first-rate work of Jacoby and his orchestra. Their skill and craftsmanship made Schickele’s humor come off effortlessly.” —Houston Chronicle—OrchestraX—PDQ Bach in Houston: We have a Problem!    ...more

“I am extremely grateful to have had my opera join your wonderful track record of shows, one both splendid and enviable.” —Conrad Susa, Composer—The Dangerous Liaisons    ...more

“He is tops, ideal in either role, and needless to say, if he were to leave us, there would be a gigantic hole to fill.” —Dr. David Tomatz, Past President, NASM and Director Emeritus, Moores School of Music    ...more

“...an impressive orchestral performance that swelled up with wonderful, glowing tone in the long epilogue to the opera.” —Carl Cunningham, Music Critic, Ariadne auf Naxos

“There were plenty of smiles as the audience left.” —Houston Chronicle—OrchestraX    ...more

“He has done all this without the typical vanities and temperaments so often found in conductors, but rather with great congeniality, affability, and humor. ” —Dr. Howard Pollack, Music Historian and Author, Aaron Copland: The Life and Work of an Uncommon Man and George Gershwin—His Life and Work, among others    ...more

“Peter has a rare combination of great musicianship, intellect and expert communication skills that make him a terrific conductor, manager, educator and visionary. ” —Larry Kraman—Newport Classic    ...more

“Jacoby brought careful definition to the orchestral and theatrical aspects of the two operas.” —Carl Cunningham, Music Critic, The Medium/Trouble in Tahiti

“He could conduct in any language.” —Elizabeth Elliot, Artistic Director—Opera Fort Collins    ...more